There is a solution for you

Trust us when we say there’s no one size fits all profile when it comes to people struggling with their finances.

But no matter what your situation, we take what can seem like a complicated process and make it simple.


By talking and finding the best solution for your circumstances.

There IS a solution out there for you and it’s our job to help you find it.

Why choose UK Debt Expert?

We’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

That means you can enjoy peace of mind that our advice meets a high standard.

We’re well known.

In fact you might have heard us across the Global radio network, like on Heart and Capital, or seen us on SKY TV.

We never treat two people the same.

All of our advice is tailored to each individual’s circumstances.

We’re trusted and ready to take you forward.

In fact, we have almost 30,000 reviews as part of the Creditfix Group.

We deal in solutions.

Including the possibility to write off all of your debt, write off a large portion of it, repay what you can at an affordable rate or consider income maximisation.

We understand debt and the reasons behind it.

That means you’re guaranteed an understanding shoulder to lean on and practical advice.

Ready when you are

When it comes to debt, you want to speak to an expert.

An expert who can guide you through the entire debt help process.

UK Debt Expert is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to do exactly that.

Got more questions? Let’s talk.

Discover all the ways you can connect with an expert on our contact page.

Trusted and ready to take you forward

We’ve helped over a quarter of a million people find a way to deal with their debt 

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