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With over 5.9 million units sold in 2023 – the highest in 16 years – records are continuing to have a resurgence in popularity.

Despite the growth of digital music, fans are continuing to enjoy music in its physical format, with vinyl, originally the go-to music purchase, whether for the quality of sound, aesthetics, or their collectible nature.

Record Store Day takes place this year on April 20, and will see hundreds of independently owned record stores come together “to celebrate their unique culture.”

But with a 30% rise in searches for “valuable vinyl records” and LPs being popular collectibles among music fans for decades, Record Store Day could also be a chance to cash in on any vinyl you own.

UK Debt Expert used eBay purchasing trends data to find out just how much vinyl from yesteryear and today, were being auctioned for over the last six months, to reveal which records and artists currently hold the most value.

Anyone who owns any of the vinyl albums from the list below could be sitting on a hidden gem and potentially in for a financial windfall.


The highest-value records in the UK 

Rank Artist Record Year Recently sold price (£)
1 Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground & Nico 1966 7,689.28
2 The Beatles Please Please Me 1963 5,800
3 David Bowie Davie Jones with the king bees – liza jane 1964 5,699
4 Amy Winehouse Remixes 2021 5,124.83
5 The Beatles White Album 1968 4,887.87
6 David Bowie Davie Jones – You’ve got a habit of leaving 1965 4,499
7 Prince Be My Fortune Teller 1977 3,657.89
8 Led Zeppelin Turquoise sleeve 1969 3,016
9 Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon 1973 2,651
10 Madonna Spotlight 1987 2,372
11 Morrissey November the second 1991 2,350
12 Kiss Kiss 1974 2,271.72
13 Led Zeppelin Hot Mix 1969 1,990.27
14 Davie Bowie Changes, Japan Vinyl 1972 1,990
15 Taylor Swift Folklore 2020 1,929
16 The Rolling Stones Short Tell Me 1964 1,905
17 David Bowie The Man Who Sold the World 1974 1,800
18 Taylor Swift Reputation 2017 1,750
19 David Bowie David Bowie 1967 1,677
20 Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde 1966 1,628.40


What are the most valuable records?

Fans of American rock band The Velvet Underground could be in for a treat – with its record ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ recently selling for over £7,500.

The most expensive LP on the list was designed by Andy Warhol, featuring his iconic yellow banana cover of the record. Surprisingly, the album only sold 30,000 albums in its first five years – despite now being recognised as one of the most influential albums in music history.

The Beatles, who need no introduction, followed next with the fab four’s debut studio album – Please Please Me, which someone recently paid £5,800 for on eBay.

David Bowie came in third place – though some people might not realise it’s his vinyl on first glance. ‘Liza Jane’ was the first record released by David Bowie and recently went for £5,699. Though, the song was credited to his band, Davie Jones and the King Bees, when Bowie was still going by his first name of David Jones.

Only three records from the 21st century made the top 20 – two belonging to one of the most powerful musicians right now – Taylor Swift – with one Folklore record selling for £1,929 and Reputation also fetching £1,750.


Music from the millennium: The highest-value records of the 21st century 

Rank Artist Record Year Recently sold price (£)
1 Amy Winehouse Remixes 2021 5,124.83
2 Taylor Swift Folklore 2020 1,928.99
3 Taylor Swift Reputation 2017 1,750
4 Taylor Swift 1989 2018 1,120
5 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift 2018 795
6 Beyonce Beyonce 2013 600
7 Sinead O’Connor Throw down your arms 2005 600
8 George Michael Symphonica 2014 599
9 Arctic Monkeys Five Minutes with Arctic Monkeys 2005 515
10 Dido Life for Rent 2003 500


While the majority of records that owners could get thousands for come from musicians of the 60s and 70s, as vinyl continues on an upwards trajectory, so too does the worth of music from the millennium.

Ahead of the release of the new biopic of her life, Back to Black, Amy Winehouse came top, above the likes of Taylor Swift, Arctic Monkeys and Beyonce.

Remixes, which was released as a limited edition for Record Store Day 2021, sees a collection of remixes from her coveted albums Frank and Back to Black, and the 2LP set recently sold for over £5,100.  Winehouse’s album is also the most recent in the list, only being released three years ago.

While her Eras tour continues to take over the world, Taylor Swift dominated the post-2000’s chart with four of her records featuring in the top 10. Beyonce was in sixth place, with her self-titled album fetching £600 recently.


Vintage record value

 If you’re lucky enough to have an original Beatles, Bowie or Beyonce release that you don’t want to keep hold of, it could be worth having a look to see how much it’s likely to sell for.

If you’d prefer a professional opinion, head to your local record store for advice, to understand just how much you could potentially fetch for your records.

Exploring additional avenues to secure extra funds during the cost-of-living crisis can greatly help to manage any looming debts. However, it’s essential to note that selling collectibles should complement, not replace, seeking advice from professional debt experts.



Looking at the biggest selling artists of all time, UK Debt Expert looked at eBay purchasing trends of vinyl records from the last six months.

Using this method, we compiled a dataset with the most expensive records to uncover the most lucrative albums or singles from popular artists. Signed discography and bulk or box set records were not included.

Data correct as of April 2024.




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