EURO 2024: top money-saving tips as 200,000 Scotland fans head to Germany

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As Scotland fans head to Germany for the first EURO 2024 match on Friday, our personal finance expert is is sharing her top travel tips for fans making the journey to Munich.

An impressive 200,000 Scots are expected to head to Euro 2024 – according to the British consulate in Munich, Mark Dittmer-Odell – and Maxine McCreadie says the Tartan Army, and other travelling fans, could still save some vital cash on their trip.

Speaking ahead of the tournament, Maxine said: “The Tartan Army is well-known for travelling in numbers and having a great time while they’re at it and I’m sure the Euros will be the same.

“That being said, anyone who has looked at the costs for travel and accommodation will know that it’s going to be an expensive tournament for fans heading over to Germany.

“We always recommend that people plan ahead, book early and consider their financial situation before committing to a trip like this. However, we know that many Scots will be weighing up a last minute booking to head over to Germany – especially if Scotland make it through the group stages.”

Maxine has provided her tips for football fans from across the UK to save on Euro 2024:


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Look at alternative travel routes

“Anyone looking to book flights at this stage will already expect to pay inflated rates – but there are still ways to save cash by looking at alternative routes.

“Return flights from Edinburgh direct to Munich for Scotland’s opening game, leaving on 12 June and returning on 16 June, for example, currently start at £846.

“Looking at other European travel hubs and planning onward travel could be the way to make some significant savings.

“Flying from Edinburgh to Vienna on the same dates are currently as low as £96 via Ryanair.

“From there, fans face a four hour train journey over the German border, but with prices around €110, the cost savings of hundreds of pounds would make the journey much more enjoyable.”


Make the most of public transport

“Germany is renowned for its efficient public transport and it will be the easiest way for the Tartan Army to navigate around the country between matches.

“Match ticket holders are entitled to a free 36-hour regional travel pass across from 6am on the matchday, until 6pm the following day. This enables match-goers to use regional trains, as well as buses, trams and metros to navigate to and from the stadium.

“For fans looking to use the public transport network to go between the Tartan Army’s host cities – Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart – the DB Ticket EURO 2024 offers travel for €29.90 each way.

“Travellers with a match ticket can also venture further afield with the Interrail Pass EURO 2024, which offers 25% off an Interrail Pass which enables travel within 32 European countries.

“This ticket makes it easier to stay outside of Germany where accommodation costs and availability are more realistic.

“Any fans heading over to Germany without a ticket can also get around the country relatively affordably. The Deutschlandticket, or D-Ticket, costs €49 per month and offers almost unlimited public transport.”


Consider staying away from tourist traps

“For fans looking to stay the length and take in all three group stage matches – and hopefully some knockout games – choosing the city you stay in could make a massive difference to your budget.

“The host cities will be buzzing and thousands of Scots will be basing themselves in Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart which will make for an amazing atmosphere. Unfortunately, this demand has already driven costs up and many will already be facing a limited choice of accommodation.

“Staying slightly further away from the host cities could save you cash in the long run, and cities like Essen, less than an hour from Cologne by train, will be in slightly less demand while still being in the thick of the action with Dortmund, Dusseldorf and Gelsenkirchen all nearby.”


No ticket? Look at fan zones

“With so many Scots heading to the tournament without a ticket, the official fan zones will be the place to go to experience the amazing atmosphere associated with a major tournament.

“Each of the host cities has its own official fan zone which will be sure to have a party atmosphere, however the team performs.

“Host cities are also preparing for the deluge of fans – with bars and beer halls stocking up on Germany’s world-famous beer – so Scots making the trip without a ticket will still be able to make the most of it.

“For any fans who aren’t making the trip to Germany, there are a number of fan zones popping up over the country – with venues complete with big screens, food and drink expected in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and beyond.”


Make sure you’re covered

 “As with any trip, make sure you’re covered with travel and health insurance before you depart so you can enjoy the tournament with peace of mind in case of any unexpected issues.

“Travel experts recommend booking insurance as soon as you have booked your trip, so you are covered for any changes or cancellations to flights.

“After Brexit, the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) replaced the EHIC and this entitles you to state healthcare in European countries on the same basis as a resident.

“GHICs are free through the NHS and are valid for up to five years.”


Don’t get caught out by card charges

“Contactless cards and digital wallets have made paying while on holiday much easier and most fans heading to Germany won’t be relying solely on cash over the course of their trip.

“However, it’s important that people don’t get caught out by overseas spending charges and expensive exchange rates if they do plan to use their card in Germany.

“Some cards charge mark-up on exchange rates, as well as spending and ATM charges every time it is used abroad, but there are a number of alternative options so fans can avoid any extra expenditure.

“A number of banks like Chase, Monzo and Starling offer fee- and interest-free spending oversees, but it’s always best to double check with your bank before you travel.”


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Maxine McCreadie

Maxine McCreadie

Author/Debt Expert

Maxine McCreadie, prominent personal finance writer featured in Vogue and Yahoo News, delivers practical guidance, simplifying money management and championing financial literacy.

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