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Fans across Europe are preparing for a festival of football ahead of the kick off of UEFA EURO 2024 on Friday 14 June.

Despite hundreds of thousands of Brits heading over to Germany, most football fans will be watching from home, whether that’s from behind the sofa at home, at a dedicated fan zone, or in the pub with friends.

The British Beer & Pub Association has revealed that 300 million pints could be sold across the hospitality sector over the course of the tournament.

Ahead of the tournament kicking off our experts have crunched the numbers to determine the best city for watching games at pubs.


Newcastle ranked best city to watch tournament

We looked at the number of football friendly-pubs per 10,000 people in each city – collating the number of pubs showing football within two miles of the city centre using the database.

The other ranking factor we analysed was the average price of a pint – using pub apps, menus and websites to find the average price of a pint of lager (min 4% ABV).

We created an index score for each of these factors out of a maximum of 100 and combined them to give an overall score out of 200.

Newcastle was the highest ranking city – above Nottingham, Glasgow, Brighton and Bristol – with 114 football-friendly pubs within two miles of the city centre and an average pint costing £4.25.

Fans in Newcastle will be spoilt for choice, with a number of exciting venues to watch all of the action with UK Debt Expert’s research revealing that the city has the most football-friendly pubs per capita – with almost four pubs per 10,000 residents.

Glasgow was found to have the cheapest pints across the cities we analysed, with the average price of £4.14 scoring the city above Newcastle and Leicester.


Top UK cities to watch EURO 2024

  Football-friendly pubs per 10,000 residents Average price of a pint OVERALL SCORE – OUT OF 200
Newcastle 3.98 4.25 195.11
Nottingham 2.13 4.46 135.19
Glasgow 1.20 4.14 123.36
Brighton 3.25 5.56 118.83
Bristol 2.70 5.24 117.63
Liverpool 1.70 4.77 109.92
Sheffield 1.30 4.57 107.39
Leicester 0.96 4.38 106.25
Manchester 1.45 4.83 100.21
Leeds 1.23 4.98 88.10
Edinburgh 2.18 5.76 80.60
Birmingham 0.36 5.58 38.16
London 0.44 6.47 2.20


“Fans hoping for a month-long festival of football”

Commenting on the data, Maxine McCreadie, a personal finance specialist at UK Debt Expert, said:

“Newcastle has a well-deserved reputation as a true nightlife destination, with so many great pubs and bars, so it’s perhaps not a major surprise to see the city ranked as the best place to watch EURO 2024 games.

“As well as being home to the most football-friendly pubs in the UK, fans will also be able to save a bit of cash, with only Glasgow found to have a cheaper average pint.

“Hundreds of thousands of Brits will be making the trip over to Germany for the tournament, but pubs and dedicated fan zones will offer an amazing atmosphere to take in the games and fans will be hoping for a month-long festival of football.”

Maxine McCreadie

Maxine McCreadie

Author/Debt Expert

Maxine McCreadie, prominent personal finance writer featured in Vogue and Yahoo News, delivers practical guidance, simplifying money management and championing financial literacy.

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