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With the UEFA European Championships 2024 kicking off in Germany in June, many fans will be looking to their wardrobes for inspiration of what to wear.

Whether you’re one of the 800,000 England or Scotland fans heading overseas to the tournament, you’re watching in one of the thousands of bars and pubs showing the game, or you’re deciding to watch from behind the sofa at home, one thing’s for sure, Europe is catching football fever.

Some footy fans will have got their hands on retro football shirts from throughout the years, and they’re now fetching impressive prices on second-hand marketplaces, such as eBay. Collectors and football fans alike are often eager to get their hands on their own piece of football history, which can create a lucrative opportunity for sellers.

But is it time to transfer your shirt to a new owner, and score some extra cash with your old kit?

UK Debt Expert looked at eBay purchasing trends to find out just how much vintage and retro football shirts from countries competing in the Euros have been auctioned for over the last six months, to reveal which hold the most value.

If you own any of the vintage football shirts from the list below, you could soon be turning your nostalgia into cash, and fielding offers for your old football shirts.


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The most valuable vintage football shirts from past European Championships and World Cups

Country Brand Kit Type Year / Season Price (£)
Netherlands Adidas Home 1988 899.99
Italy Lotto Away 1992/ 1993 575
England Admiral Home 1970 525
Romania Adidas Home 1994/ 1995 399.99
Spain No details Home 1966 399.99
Ukraine Adidas Home 2012 399.99
Denmark hummel N/A 1994 350
Scotland Umbro Home 1970 310
Portugal Adidas N/A 1999/ 2000 299.99
Croatia Lotto Away 1996/ 1997 279.99
Switzerland HCC Away 1979/ 1983 250
Turkiye Adidas Home 1996/ 1997 250
France Adidas Home 1998/ 2009 230
Austria Adidas Home 1993/ 1994 210
Belgium Adidas Home 2022/ 2023 200
Germany Adidas Away 1992/ 1994 200
Poland Adidas Away 1978 199.99
Slovenia Adidas N/A 1997/ 1998 199
Slovakia Nike Home 2009/2010 159.9
Hungary Adidas N/A 1996 150
Serbia hummel Home 1992 113.45
Czechia Puma Home 2006 70
Albania Adidas Home N/A 59.99


What are the most valuable retro football shirts for Europe?

As Europe becomes abuzz for another summer of football mania, fans are willing to pay almost £1,000 for some shirts.

The iconic Netherlands home kit from Euro 1988 has gone for the highest at £899.99 – the year that the Netherlands won their first UEFA European Championship title with legends like Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten donning the famous orange strip.

Fans of Italy, the most recent winner, are also hunting out a gem, with their 1992 Lotto kit recently selling for £575, despite the Azzurri failing to qualify for the tournament that year.

Owners of the England Admiral home kit from 1970, which was worn by the likes of Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst four years after their World Cup win in 1966, is also going for up to £525.

Similarly, the most lucrative Scottish kit was also from 1970, despite it being the last time in the 70s when Scotland didn’t qualify for the FIFA World Cup finals.

Adidas is the most popular manufacturer on the list, taking 13 of the places, so it may be worth taking into account the brand, and specifying which one, when getting your old football shirts valued.

Turning your wardrobe into a financial goal

If you’re fortunate enough to own football memorabilia, whether it’s football shirts, cards or a scarf, it could be worth getting it valued.

Check similar items recently sold online for an idea of how much you could be sitting on, and make sure to mention any unique aspects of the shirt, such as player signatures, special edition details, or specific historical significance.

If available, include any proof of authenticity, and ensure that you include clear, detailed images that help to showcase the great condition of your shirt.

Finding other ways to secure extra cash can help to ease the tension and some money worries caused by the cost of living crisis, and could even act as methods to tackle debts that may be looming in the background. However, selling second-hand items should never be seen as a permanent solution to taking control of your debts, you should always seek out professionally tailored advice from debt specialists.

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UK Debt Expert looked at eBay purchase data for ‘Retro’ and ‘Vintage’ European football shirts over the last 6 months.

Using this method, a dataset was compiled with the top 20 most expensive shirts to uncover the most valuable types of kit.

Data correct as of June 2024.



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