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What information do you need from me on the call?

We’ll do a soft credit search on the call (don’t worry, this has no impact on your credit file). That will give us a good idea of your outstanding debts to start with. Then, we’ll ask you about your income and outgoings, as well as who you owe money to, so that we can get the full picture, and give you the best possible advice.

What if I don’t have all the information you need?

It’s okay, we can still help. If you’re not sure of all the people you owe money to, or you haven’t got an exact amount for each payment, we can make some calls to help you find out, or suggest steps you can take to get us the information while you’re on the call.

How a debt solution could help

Frequently asked questions

You won’t pay a penny for the advice our debt specialists give you on the call. If you do qualify for a debt solution, the fees will be taken from the monthly amount you pay to your creditors. Everything’s covered, and we don’t take any money upfront. The last thing we want is you getting further into debt.

Everyone’s story is different, and there are a lot of options, including IVAs, trust deeds and bankruptcy, as well as more informal plans. Once we carefully build up a picture of your situation, our advisors will take it step by step, so we can understand your concerns, and which of the available solutions would be the right fit for your situation. We’ll only proceed if you’re completely comfortable to go ahead.

That’s completely understandable, but be reassured, we’ll do everything we can to put you at ease. We don’t use complicated jargon, and we treat every customer as an individual, taking their unique circumstances into consideration before sharing our impartial advice. There’s nothing we haven’t dealt with; we speak with hundreds of customers every single day. We’re here to have an open and honest chat and try to build a picture to see what help and support we can give you.

It’s possible that creditors will continue to contact you during the debt solution process because it can take time for records to be updated, even once you’ve entered an arrangement. In time, however, creditors will be informed that you are in a live debt solution, and you will no longer have to deal with them directly or be pursued for payments. 

The length of a debt solution varies depending on the solution you choose. As an example, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), the most popular UK debt solution, will typically last either five or six years, and any remaining unsecured debts will be written off upon successful completion of your payment term.

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100% Confidential

Stop harassment

Write off debt

No upfront costs

Protect your assets

Affordable repayments

“I can finally get on with my life”

“I was losing sleep at night things had become so bad. As soon as I picked up the phone and spoke to UK Debt Expert, I felt at ease, and knew I’d made the right decision. There was no judgement, they really took the time to listen and understand.

I got a bit emotional going through the financial stuff, but the advisor was so calm and friendly we managed to get it sorted. Now I’ve made that call, a huge weight has been lifted, and I feel like I can finally get on with my life.”

Sophie, Leeds

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